Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock / Anansi Goes Fishing


Anansi the Spider is the master trickster, and his shenanigans are humorously presented in these fantastic narratives based on West African folktales. In Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock the clever Anansi uses a magic rock he finds to pilfer food from his animal friends. What he doesn’t realize is that the shy Little Bush Deer is observing his antics, and ultimately tricks the trickster! Rhythmic text helps build the suspense to a satisfying and delightful conclusion. The funny, accessible telling of Anansi Goes Fishing is a perfect companion to the first tale in this series of stories about the Trickster Spider. This time it’s Turtle who outwits the Lazy Anansi when the spider asks his friend to teach him how to fish. Hoping to con Turtle of his fish, instead Anansi gets stuck doing all the work, and though he appeals for justice from Judge Warthog, his reputation precedes him and he receives no sympathy. Fortunately, he does learn the skill of weaving in this sprightly tale sure to amuse the picture book crowd.