The Everything Kids' Gross Jokes Book: Side-splitting Jokes That Make Your Skin Crawl!


Guaranteed to make you gag!

If you're up for some side-splitting and stomach-churning laughs, grab The Everything KIDS' Gross Jokes Book as fast as you can! It's packed with hundreds of one-liners and knock-knocks to make you turn green!

Make your way through sick sections such as:

The Gross-Store There's Grime in My Slime! Everybody Oozes Who Among Us Is a Fungus? Dead Fly Pie

Chock full of puzzles, games, and activities, The Everything KIDS' Gross Jokes Book scores a perfect 10 on the Gross-o-meter!

Knock Knock

Who's there


Consumption who?

Consumption be done about the foul odor in here?

Why did the bacteria cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.

Why was the cross-eyed teacher so upset?

He couldn't control his pupils.