How to Talk About Jesus Without Looking Like an Idiot : A Panic-Free Guide to Having Natural Conversations about Your Faith


Have natural conversations with your friends and family about your faith. Discover four key questions that invite people into engaging discussions about what matters most in life.

Why is it so difficult to talk to our closest friends about what’s most important to us? Our true identity? Our hopes and dreams? Our true purpose and faith? Andy Bannister struggled with that question himself. As a twentysomething, he operated as an Undercover Christian at his job. He knew it didn’t make sense, and he spent the following decades helping countless people find easy, natural ways to talk about the fundamental questions of life with the ones they love. How to Talk about Jesus without Looking like an Idiot explores

why you don’t need to be afraid or uncomfortable, the four questions that help people open up, the five steps to respond to tough questions, and how to effortlessly bring faith into a conversation. It doesn’t need to be awkward. Everyday conversations that open the door to evangelism can be painless and natural. Let Andy help you find easy ways to talk about the true meaning of life and learn how to share the gospel with your neighbors, friends, and family.