Seven Days to Kindle


Imagine your book published on Amazon by this time next week or even sooner!

You made a resolution…

This is the year you’ll finish writing your book!

And you did it!! Congratulations!!

But…it’s still sitting on your hard drive.

Why isn’t it published??

Did you finish writing only to realize that you have no idea how to get it on Amazon?

So did I!

If your life is anything like mine, you have a thousand things clamoring for your time all at once!

And while you’re being pulled in all directions, you have to try to figure out how to format your eBook for Kindle.

You could spend thousands of dollars to get it there…

Or, hundreds of hours trying to figure it out…

Or…you could learn from someone who has a way that you can do it yourself. Quickly and cheaply!

That’s me! I’ve combined all I’ve learned in my book Seven Days to Kindle – The Overwhelmed Author’s Guide to Formatting an Amazon Kindle Book in Seven Days.

Just imagine your book being available for sale on Amazon by this time next week or even sooner!

You’ll use software you already have – Microsoft Word…

There’s no coding, no one to hire, no tech jargon to decipher…

And, I’ve put it down for you in super easy to understand and follow lessons.

Sounds like something you could use today doesn’t it?

Yes, it sure does!

Still not sure?

Scroll down and read reviews from some authors just like you who used the knowledge in Seven Days to Kindle to publish their books…I’ll wait…

Welcome back. :)

Get Seven Days to Kindle and you’ll only be a week away (or less) from joining the ranks of published Amazon authors.

See you on the bestsellers list!