King Arthur: Explore the Legends, Literature, and History from the Round Table to the Holy Grail


What is it about King Arthur that still holds our attention 1,500 years after he first materialized from the murky depths of history and legend?

Named one of America’s best professors by the Princeton Review, Christopher R. Fee transports you through space and time in search of answers. In his insightful audio course, you will trace Arthur’s path across Britain. You’ll visit such iconic sites as Tintagel, Glastonbury, and Stonehenge in search of physical reminders of this legendary king, his court, and a mighty stronghold remembered through the mists of time as “Camelot.” Traveling across literary and literal landscapes, you’ll search for evidence for Arthur in ancient manuscripts and modern-day archaeological excavations.

Through 24 energetic lectures, you will see how much Arthur has been refashioned for succeeding generations of audiences—first in Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and England, and later across the globe. Like the Knights of the Round Table on their epic quest for the Holy Grail, you will scour recorded history for the true face of the “Once and Future King.” Last, you’ll consider the most popular of the countless books and movies dedicated to King Arthur, his court, and their adventures.

As you explore the unwavering interest in Arthur across centuries of popular culture, you will learn to look behind the façade of all things Arthurian—discerning the factual basis for the man, the myths, and the legends.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.