The Berserker Brides Saga


For centuries we've searched for the woman who can break the Berserker curse. And when we find her, we will never let her go.

In this boxset: 8 books, 1 novella, and countless huge, dominant warriors who will stop at nothing to claim their mates.

Including the following books from the Berserker Brides series:

Rescued by the Berserker – Hazel & Knut's story

Captured by the Berserkers – Willow, Leif & Brokk

Kidnapped by the Berserkers – Sage, Thorbjorn & Rolf

Bonded to the Berserkers – Laurel, Haakon & Ulf

Berserker Babies – a novella starring the sisters Brenna, Sabine, Muriel, Fleur and their mates

Night of the Berserkers – the witch Yseult’s story

Owned by the Berserkers – Fern, Dagg & Svein

Tamed by the Berserkers — Sorrel, Thorsteinn & Vik

Cuddle up with one or two (or more) Berserkers today!