Tara the Sea Turtle : Children's book about wild animals [Fun Bedtime Story]


Age: From 4 years old

This bedtime story about wild animals and marine life is perfect for young children and early readers

Through this short story, children will go on a marvelous adventure while discovering the wonders of life beneath the sea.

Tara, an adorable sea turtle, feels ready to leave home and face the biggest adventure of her life: going back to the beach where she was born. Like all sea turtles around the world, she has a long journey ahead and will have to face many dangerous situations. Fortunately, she is not alone! She is surrounded by the most cheerful friends ever: some little fish, a dolphin and a sea horse!

Thanks to the Amazing Journey series and the adventures of Max, Zaki, Tara and Cindy, four baby animals, children will learn about animal migration while enjoying gorgeous illustrations.

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It’s a wonderful day at the bottom of the sea!

“What is that noise?” Tara the sea turtle takes a peek from behind a rock. She has a sleepy face!

“Wake up!” the old crab waves his pincers to hurry her up.

“You have to get ready for the long journey!"