Manipulation And Body Language: Learn How to Analyze, Manipulate and Influence People with Emotional and Mind Control


How do you convince someone else to purchase or test your product or service, help your cause, or vote for your candidate?

This book is the solution.

MANIPULATION AND BODY CONTROL is a meticulously researched book that synthesizes various sources of research and then draws fresh findings that will assist you to more consistently and more efficiently convince others.

The title alone creates covert and confidential images. And that's what our objective for this book was, of course. Our first objective is to demonstrate some methods and strategies to convince others with such ability that it is literally impossible to study your efforts.

Much mental control and manipulation in any specified context deals with the precise forecast of human behavior. Hundreds, if not thousands, of efforts have been made throughout history to categorize individuals in an attempt to better comprehend them and predict their behaviour. A fast history of this attempt shows several of the most iconic names in psychology, philosophy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), consumer behaviour, and industry. From the days of Plato, Sigmund Freud, Jung, B.F. Skinner, Carl Rogers, William James, and Abraham Maslow to the more modern minds in psychology, enterprise, and advertising; these excellent minds and others have come up with some incredible ways of trying to explain our collective thinking and decision-making in order to convince us and regulate and control our actions. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator, and the Language and Behavioral Profile are some examples of efforts to categorize us all.

We also have the common hypothesis that our entire attitude derives from our willingness to prevent pain and pursue enjoyment. Can that be as easy as that?

We picked up a big list of Secret Persuasion techniques in this book.

Narrador/a: David Martin