Signposts for Living - A Psychological Manual for Being - Book 3: Mindfulness and state of flow: Living with purpose and passion


A 6 book series;

Book 3 Mindfulness and State of Flow - Living with Purpose and Passion…

Are you diving into life? This book shows you how to experience life  literally. It is about being present, being engaged, finding meaning, and being passionate in your day-to-day life, moment to moment. You want to come alive? This is your book.

The wisdom and knowledge of psychology is only drip fed to the public. The Signposts for Living series captures over 20 years of professional practice, giving everybody and anybody the capacity to live life with a smug joy. It is a brave and scary thing to take responsibility for your life choices. Covering 205 areas that you need to know, Signposts for Living is your manual for being.

Book 1 Control your Consciousness - In the Driver’s Seat

Book 2 Understanding Myself - Be an Expert

Book 3 Mindfulness and State of Flow - Living with Purpose and Passion

Book 4 Understanding Others - Loved Ones to Tricky Ones

Book 5 Parenting - Love, Pride, Apprenticeship

Book 6 Nailing Being an Adult - Have the Skills

Narrador/a: Dr Kirsten Hunter