Camera Obscura [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Bookman Histories 2


"CAN'T FIND A RATIONAL EXPLANATION TO A MYSTERY? CALL IN THE QUIET COUNCIL. The mysterious and glamorous Lady De Winter is one of their most valuable agents. A despicable murder inside a locked and bolted room on the Rue Morgue in Paris is just the start. This whirlwind adventure will take Milady to the highest and lowest parts of that great city - and cause her to question the very nature of reality itself. Adapted from the novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music! Performed by Steve Wannall, Dawn Ursula, Matthew Pauli, Steven Carpenter, David Cui Cui, Laura C. Harris, James Lewis, Daniel Llaca, Stephon Walker, Scott McCormick, Zeke Alton, Bradley Foster Smith, Nanette Savard, Rob McFadyen, Triya Leong, Eric Messner, Colleen Delany, Peter Holdway, Wyn Delano, Michael John Casey, Andrew Colford, Kay Eluvian, Tony Nam, Chris Stinson, Richard Rohan, Henry W. Kramer, Drew Kopas, Keval Shah, Matthew Schleigh, Nora Achrati, Karen Novack, and Terence Aselford."