3,096 Days in Captivity


On March 2nd, 1998, ten-year-old Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped, and found herself locked in a house that would be her home for the next eight years. She was starved, beaten, treated as a slave, and forced to work for her deranged captor. But she never forgot who she was, and she never gave up hope of returning to the world. This is her story.


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A very good description of life in captivity, although ofc not many of us can understand.



It is okay, readers voice is really easy to listen to, I don't usually listen books in english because it is difficult to keep up with the speech but this was easy to keep up with. Story itself is interesting and terrifying of course. I am happy about that she got out to freedom. I wish that I would got more about that what happened after the imprisonment. But great book, I recommend it.