Charles Dickens Inspired A Christmas Gang


Ebenezer Scrooge aims to fire Bob Cracket again; reason being, he wants full custody of Tiny Tim. The English snow falls crisp and hard on Crachet voice. Yet unknown to Scrooge, Tiny Tim's father Bob knows this from Scrooge's adopted nephew Horatio over lunch.

It's been a year since Scrooge gave up drinking and being miserly. He even rescued a black stray cat named Marley.

It seems Scrooge is outraged by Parliament not allowing his donations to the town of Manchester, to be taken from his taxes. So he fires Crachet to help make up for the money he spent for Tiny Tim, the goose and turkey's he purchased for widows and orphans.

A fortnight ago, Scrooge and his nephew Horatio are counting shillings and IOS (I owe Scrooge) notes. "You see this my dear nephew, you give them a shilling and they take a pound" Scrooge protests, adjusting his night cap. The long white cap is torn and smeared with coal dust. Scrooge fired his care taker Madame Boufont a month ago.

Since then, plates, scraps of food, discarded papers lay unattended in his study. Horatio is 33 ears old and Scrooge is 79 now. Scrooge drinks his night time brandy. Yet Horatio recalls the time when Scrooge was happy. It had been one year and five days since he drank any spirits. "Horatio could you go out to the coat bin, and gather some for the stove and fire place tonight. And this time, please shut the metal fence surrounding the fire place. I have invented a filter from old book covers."

Can Scrooge save Tim from becoming a member of the Black Caper Gang? Will Tim return home to his father Bob Crachet. Or will Scrooge fire Crachet again and return to his former miserly ways? Through the streets of 1876 Manchester England, Tim, and his new gang attempt to pull off capers. Will they survive and reform for Christmas? Or will the return of Woodrow Marley bring Scrooge to his senses?

This small novella is a follow up tale from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."