Daddy's Pet


Scarlett says she'll never love again after being burned by her cheating ex. Along comes Aiden, a vet who's hotter than hot and commanding beyond belief. He's ready to teach her that bad girls get punished, and she's about to learn she likes it. Aiden: When I first met her she was out cold on the floor of a horse stall, and it didn’t get better from there. She tried to fight me all the way to the hospital. Scarlett’s not perfect – accident prone, messier than a wood rat, and a rule breaker - it’s about to drive my over-protective, Type-A self over the edge. Gun shy from being cheated on by her ex, she’s only willing to play if it’s a hook up. I’ll go along with it and do whatever it takes to prove to this little one she’s perfect for me. We’ve both been burned in the past. ♥ It's time to take matters into my own hands, one swat at a time, and crack open that cynical shell she has formed around her. ♥ I’m possessive, a loyal mother... and the most commanding man around when it comes to protecting my baby girl. If she realizes that I’m her Daddy, she’ll be my most prized possession. If only I can make her believe it’s true. All I require is obedience, and yet she continues to defy me. She’s not perfect; neither am I. But this crazy little one has captured my heart, and I’ll make her mine come hell or high water. If only she'd quit struggling. Author Note: If you crave tingly feels, HEAs and love stern but doting book boyfriends, dive right in! ★ Get cozy with this steamy romance from USA Bestseller Olivia Fox! ★