Deep Sleep in 15 minutes: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams (Deep Sleep Relaxation Series): The Delta Sleep Program for Better Sleep: Stress Relief, Relaxation, Falling Asleep Fast



For a restful night's sleep, there are several phases you go through. With each phase our sleep gets deeper, our body becomes more relaxed, and our brain wave patterns slow down. We experience our deepest sleep phase when our brain enters the delta wave state. Delta sleep is the phase in which the body regenerates and rebalances itself for the new day. Getting enough sleep is therefore essential for a healthy, productive life.

The mindMAGIXX© delta sleep program developed by Patrick Lynen and renowned neuroscientists has been proven to increase delta wave activity in your brain. The program has already helped many people to find regular, restful, and revitalizing sleep.

Listen to one of the three soundscapes on a normal stereo system or via headphones whenever you want to go to sleep. Experience the spherical layers of soothing melodies, floating compositions, and natural sounds. Subliminal, low-frequency impulses in the music stimulate your delta brain waves and lead you into a natural state of delta sleep.

German relaxation expert Patrick Lynen is a pioneer in the field of audio-acoustic research. Numerous companies, health professionals, meditation groups, and individuals swear by mindMAGIXX© audio programs and their spectacular soundscapes that stimulate our brain waves and put them into a state of deep relaxation.

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