Forest Sounds: Forest Nature Sounds for Meditation, Deep Sleep & Relaxation (XXL Bundle)


Calming ambient forest sounds with birdsong, soft rain & gentle winds. Perfect for mindfulness meditation, deep sleep, energy work, massage therapy, Reiki, wellness or meditation. Great for airplane rides, daydreaming, background noise, and leisure. Your audiobook provides: +++ Authentic recordings from the enchanting forests of Norway, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland; +++ Over 8 hours of nature sounds without distracting sounds or annoying loops; +++ Crisp, clean audio sound; What WON'T You Get? Distractions! This audiobook has no jarring background noises. No distracting music. Nothing but authentic forest sounds. It is a professional, high quality audiobook! Achieve pure relaxation today! Detach yourself from the stresses of reality and bring back balance within yourself.