Luke: A Billionaire Office Romance


The second stand-alone in the USA Today bestselling Power Players Series. Brina Kingston just got a job working for Luke Maxwell, the billionaire CEO of Maxwell Computers. He doesn’t know she’s there to steal his latest invention. She doesn’t know she’s in way over her head. Luke Maxwell is the smoking hot billionaire CEO of Maxwell Computers, and I’m the corporate spy who’s been sent to steal his latest invention. It only takes one interview and I easily — perhaps too easily — work my way into a position in Luke’s office. And it doesn’t take long to work my way into multiple positions in his bed. But there’s more to Luke than I thought. He’s not just a spoiled womanizing billionaire. It’s not long before I find myself falling for my mark. I’m in deep now. Risking the most important assignment of my career. Risking my family’s security. I can’t let down my guard. I have to get the secrets I came to steal. But can I betray the hottest billionaire in America when I’m head-over-heels in love with him?


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Valta-aseman törkeää väärinkäyttöä, epäuskottava taustatarina ja parin tapaamisen jälkeen ovat muka täysin rakastuneita... Huonoa romantiikkaa, outoa käytöstä kaikilta, surkea juonikuvio ja tylsiä seksikohtauksia.