Overcoming Rejection


Are you terrified of being rejected? When meeting someone new, is your first thought when will they reject me? Do you keep others at a distance so they won’t reject you? If so, you may need some healing from rejection. Rejection tells you that because you were rejected once, or several times, you will always be rejected. Rejection tells you that you always have to keep your guard up and that vulnerability is dangerous. Rejection tells you to reject others before they reject you. Rejection lies. This book will walk you through emotional and spiritual healing strategies from a Christian worldview so you won’t need to listen to those lies ever again. We’ll cover: - Generational Issues - Ungodly Beliefs and Lies - Emotional Wounds - Demonic Oppression - And more! Plus strategies to walk out the healing you’ve received. Are you ready to pursue relationships with others with freedom and joy? Click the button to get your copy of Overcoming Rejection now. Note: Each book in this series utilizes the same tools, but is tailored to each topic.