Rain and rain sounds: peaceful, soothing sounds of nature for stress management and relief: More than nine hours with and without music to help you relax, fall asleep, study and meditate


By the Institute for Stress Reduction ***** More than nine hours of pure sounds of nature: raindrops, light showers, forest rain, distant storms, gentle summer rain, torrential rainstorms, with music and without. ***** The perfect ambient sounds when you want to relax, fall asleep, concentrate or rest. This audio recording offers you a whole nine hours of soothing rain sounds to help you relax. ***** Content: 11 rain melodies – recorded using the very latest technology for unparalleled sound quality. An additional six compositions featuring a perfect blend of soothing rain sounds and dreamy music that will help you relax. ***** All of these recordings will immediately put you in a remarkable state of inner peace and can also have a powerful effect on tinnitus. Immerse yourself in your very own world of boundless relaxation. ***** NOTE: The audio sample contains several short clips from this recording! *****


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Awesome. Fell asleep in minutes!