S#it More Than You Eat: Every other weight loss book is a scam. Tim Scantlebury


"Do you eat more than you s#it? Then this book is for you!" "Every other weight loss book is a scam." Real weight loss doesn't occur when “crazy chemicals” are (not) “released in your body” during hilarious concepts like the keto diet or fasting. Real weight loss occurs as a result of burning more calories than you consume. Why do magic shakes, weight loss surgeries and diet pills work? Because they force you to consume less calories than you burn. Or, to put it simply: S#it More Than You Eat. If you let more water out of a bucket than you put into that same bucket, the weight will decrease. Why would the human body be any different? Burn more calories than you consume, or S#it More Than You Eat! “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein. The author, Timothy Edward Joseph Scantlebury, is the not-so-proud owner of one of the most unnecessarily-long names in the history of mankind. While he is ashamed of his obnoxious name, but he is not ashamed of the 344 pages of straight facts you are about to read. S#it More Than You Eat is the world’s first and only NO BULLS#IT guide to REAL weight loss! This groundbreaking piece of peer-reviewed literature cuts (and increases) the crap, dishes the facts, and ditches the fat. Based on the most simple yet scientifically proven weight loss method known to man, S#it More Than You Eat reveals the only REAL way to reduce your overall body weight without resorting to self-dismemberment.

Lukija: Angus Brennan