The Magic Butterfly


This deeply relaxing and calming children’s meditation is aimed at 6-12 year olds, but it can be enjoyed by children of all ages. In this meditation, Glenn will guide you to imagine a beautiful meadow with colourful wildflowers all around you. In the meadow, you find a beautiful butterfly that helps you to feel very peaceful and relaxed. This special butterfly will help you to feel good about yourself, more relaxed at school, and more confident with your friends.

Towards the end of the meditation, Glenn will ask you to repeat some special words to help you feel confident and happy. These happy feelings will stay with you in your everyday life, at home and at school. You can listen to this meditation during the day to help you feel more relaxed or just before bedtime to help you drift off to sleep.

This children’s meditation can help:

• Reduce anxiety and stress

• Improve sleep

• Develop imagination

• Build self-confidence

• Improve focus and attention

• Can be used in the classroom or at home


I am happy and peaceful

I am loved

I feel strong inside

I feel really good about myself

This meditation features:

• Magical echoed affirmations, which pan in front of you, then behind you, above you and below you (headphones required).

• Snuggle up and listen to Glenn’s reassuring voice guiding you into a deeply relaxed state.

• Peaceful music written specifically to complement each meditation by Russ Davey.