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The young poet Stephen has been recalled from Paris to Dublin to be at his mother's deathbed. But he refuses her dying wishes: to kneel and pray for her. Now, holed up in his Martello tower outside the city walls, he has to suffer the taunts of Buck Mulligan by day and, by night, the vision of 'her eyes, shaking out of death to shake and bend my soul.' Timelessly evocative, Ulysses is far more than the story of Stephen Dedalus' journey through Dublin.It is a huge, rich portrayal of human life. In this magnificent, highly accessible, part reading part dramatisation - which includes the famous Molly Bloom soliloquy - the power and truth of Joyce's vision is as potent as ever


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Didn’t understand all, but still it was a privilege to have listened to. I can’t believe how much 1904 sounds like 2023, the thoughts and worries that humans have, have not changed a bit



Worst book ever written and calling it a masterpiece is an insult to the literature