The Legend of Ron Anejo


The story of the world's best Caribbean boat bum

Ron Añejo loves his carefree lifestyle in the Caribbean, sailing his barely seaworthy wooden boat from one dodgy job to the next. It's a life that requires lots of chutzpah and more than a little luck. Legal work for a boat bum can be hard to come by, even if you actually had a work permit. And Ron isn't big on formalities.

Ron tries not to take life too seriously, and his optimistic approach usually manages to get himself, his crew, and Groucho, his Kayakoo water spaniel through one day and into the next. But the dubious work he sometimes takes on is risky. They live in the margins and listing too far beyond the laws of the various islands could put them all behind the wrong kind of tropical bars.

These are the adventures of salty sea dogs, and hilarity on the high seas. Oddly enough, if you sail down there, you'll hear some of these stories from people who'll tell you it's all really true. Just ask old Bald Guy when you see him.

Narrator: Paul Aulridge