Ambience - Tropical beach

Livre audio

Imagine you are lying on a beach in the tropics. Waves are lapping gently over the fine white sand. Exotic birds chirp in the background, and you can feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin. You open a book to read and are served a chilled drink with ice cubes clinking satisfyingly against the glass. Every so often, music from the beach bar drifts over and the cicadas hum in the palm trees.

Saga Sounds

Research has shown that sounds can have both a relaxing and stimulating effect on the brain. The ambience series from Saga Talks is a series of pleasant, varied soundscapes, which you can listen to when winding down, going to sleep, or focusing on work. A specially designed sound universe creates a calming atmosphere, also known as “ambience”, which you can enter when and where you want.

Saga Talks has created a series of different soundscapes and ambient environments in collaboration with sound designer and composer Rasmus Broe (f. 1975).

Narration : Rasmus Broe
Durée :