Leather-bound Classics

This version of the original 1858 first edition of Gray’s Anatomy is ideal for students and those with a keen interest in medicine. In 1858, Dr. Henry Gray published the first edition of what has become known as “the doctor’s Bible," with assistance from his colleague at St. George’s Hospital in London, the anatomist and medical illustrator Henry Vandyke Carter. Their efforts led to the most famous reference book on human anatomy, which continues to be updated and revised today. This edition of Gray’s Anatomy contains the original text and black-and-white illustrations from the first edition, providing valuable historical insights into the study and discussion of human anatomy. Also included are several key illustrations presented in full color. Dr. R. Shane Tubbs, Neurosurgery Professor and Anatomical Research Director at Tulane University Clinical Neuroscience Research Center, provides a scholarly introduction with details about Henry Gray’s life and career, and examines the impact that the text has had on generations of medical practitioners, students, and the general public.