Cuckolded And Humiliated Bundle


These housewives get taken rough and hard in front of their husbands and love every minute of it:

Cuckolded And Humiliated: Paying The Landlord

When Abigail's husband Bruce loses their fortune and respect in the royal family, they're forced to live with the commoners until Bruce can regain his standing. Abigail gets frustrated at Bruce's constant arguing and laziness, and their relationship starts to deteriorate. The end of the month approaches, and thanks to Bruce they don't have the money to stay in their modest home any longer. Facing the prospect of living in the slums, Abigail cooks up a plan that will pay the rent and get her the ultimate revenge on Bruce at the same time! She gives the landlord an offer he can't refuse, on the condition that he accept his payment right then and there in front of Bruce!

Making My Husband Watch

At a house party Scott and his wife Cindy get wasted drunk, to the point where their deepest secret sexual desires start to rise to the surface. Scott has always had a fantasy of Cindy being manhandled by other men, not that he would ever admit it to anyone, especially not Cindy.

Yet... As they start playing the drinking game Never Have I Ever and a question gets asked “Who has slept with a black guy before?” Cindy shocks Scott with her blunt answer, saying she hasn't, but she has always wondered what a big black guy inside her would feel like. Jamal loudly asks her if she wants to find out right then and there in front of the entire party, and Scott can only watch in shock as she gets on her knees right in front of him, licking her lips as she makes eye contact with Scott....

Husband Humiliation and Chastity

Brett has always been a pathetic husband - his dominant wife makes sure to remind him of that at every opportunity. However when his wife invites her muscular and well hung friend over to finally be satisfied sexually by a real man, Brett will really be pushed to the limit. Desperately contained by his chastity belt, and humiliated and degraded at every turn, can he handle the humiliation or will he break down completely? This erotica contains themes of female domination, extreme chastity and total control by a dominatrix.