We'll Always Have Summer

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Belly has only loved two boys her entire life, Conrad Fisher and his younger

brother Jeremiah. She’s always known she’d marry one of them, although it’s

never been clear which one. Then Jeremiah proposes during Belly’s first year at


Against her mother’s protests, Belly impulsively accepts. But the expected bliss of

engagement is tempered by her lingering feelings for Conrad. Once and for all, she

must decide which brother is her soulmate—which means someone’s heart will

get broken.

Popular author Jenny Han delivers a gripping and emotional conclusion to the

story she began in The Summer I Turned Pretty (which received a starred review

from Publishers Weekly) and continued in It’s Not Summer Without You.


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what a rollercoaster lol. this book definitely pushed me more towards team conrad. I think it shows a different side of both him and jeremiah. even made me tear up at the end. I loved it :)



Belly makes some really really questionable decisions all throughout this series and it annoyed me so much, these 3 books definitely could’ve been 1 book. But I’ll always be a sucker for a good ending, that perfect closure, which is why I still rated this 3 stars.. I liked that the audiobook used a male voice for Conrad’s pov, it was nice in general to see his pov:) Though I’m glad this series is over, I’m also glad I read it all the way



Super dat de acteurs van de serie de boeken voorlezen!