Discover the path to financial freedom with this step-by-step guide to house hacking—the simple real estate investment strategy that lets you live for free and earn income. For most people, rent or a mortgage takes up the largest chunk of their income. But with house hacking, that piece can come down to virtually zero—and it’s easier than you’d think! In its simplest form, house hacking is the real estate investment strategy where you buy a multifamily house and rent it out to cover your costs and live for free. But this can come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be inviting in roommates, owning multiple properties, live-in flips, vacation rentals, or even participating in Airbnb. In The Everything Guide to House Hacking, you will learn: -The pros and cons of house hacking -The minimum you need to get started -What a smart investment looks like -Whether renovating is worth it -How to be a responsible landlord -How to find responsible tenants -And more! Discover everything you want to know about homeownership and how you can build wealth from your investment properties. The path to financial freedom starts here.