Creative Glory : Embracing the Realm of Divine Expression


Creative glory is the inspirational flow of the Holy Spirit that shines God's life, hope, joy, provision, and wisdom into any situation you may be facing. Best-selling author Joshua Mills explains that when we are in an atmosphere of creative glory, it becomes easy to think new thoughts or receive fresh ideas because we are in the atmosphere of the Creator’s heart and mind. Wherever we allow creative glory to flow, as we embrace the realm of divine expression, we will supernaturally flourish.

Creative glory manifests to…

• Usher God’s ideas and creativity into your life to accomplish His plans and meet your needs.

• Bring forth what is new—what has never been seen or recognized by you before.

• Cause self-discovery and awakening, enabling you to create, to invent, and to explore new possibilities.

• Minister through spiritual “sound,” accompanied by healings, signs, and wonders.

• Pour out the pure flow of heaven’s intentions, exhibiting heavenly realities in the earthly realm and helping God's people to get back on track with His will.

• Produce creative miracles, such as supernatural multiplication.

• Release dreams and visions from God.

• Supply supernatural provision.

• Reproduce itself in our lives and others’.

As long as you are carried by creative glory, you always have hope because creative glory cannot fail. It will guide you to find the right solution to any difficulty or need. The flow of creative glory will lead you in a process of deep growth as you learn to see circumstances and problems in a new light to fulfill the present and future that God desires for you and the world around you.

Narrator: Joshua Mills