Legacy from the Stars


"We are children of the stars. This is our legacy and our heritage. In the history of the cosmos Earth is a young planet. Our souls on the other hand have been around forever and will continue to be around forever. Thus Earth is not our only home. We have lived many lives in unusual environments before deciding to journey here and learn the lessons of Earth. After our schooling is completed on this planet we will journey onward to discover new worlds to explore. The memories of these soul journeys are recorded in our subconscious and in hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon shows that they can be retrieved through regressive hypnosis. She reports dramatic cases where the subjects relived other lifetimes in strange environments-inhabitants of other planets."

Narrator: Amy Gordon


35 ratings



Boken er for spesielt interesserte slik som meg. Jeg fant den svært interessant. I. Wiik



Fantastisk lærerik! Siste kapittel er amputert i starten, sannsynligvis en teknisk feil, noe som er veldig synd fordi det er et meget viktig kapittel.