Aliens Explained


This audiobook has been recorded using Text to speech (TTS).

There have been many attempts to encapsulate and explain the many mysteries that surround us; these include everything from the contents of the Vatican Secret Archives, the paranormal and Ufology and even subjects that seem to slip between the cracks of reality into the realm of high strangeness.

And now the United States government has finally admitted that many of the unexplained sightings of craft may very well be alien technology.

This book draws on all of these threads as it weaves its way thought the many twists, turns and possibilities that define the subjects discussed.

Just about all of the subjects examined are interlinked at one level or another. It is as if the ancient eastern concept of 'oneness' was recognised by our forefathers, long before the arcane physics of quantum mechanics demonstrated its reality. Perhaps this is a contributing factor to the belief that all points in space and time are interconnected. In fact it is thought that this peculiarity is how UFOs manage to traverse the incredible distances between the stars and perhaps even the galaxies.

Of course from our current level of knowledge, the 'mechanics' of such a technology can only be speculated upon. Or can it? We're about to discover.

This book will discover and explain who these aliens are, how they come and why.