Fizz & Riah 2: Caught by a Boss


Fizz has helped Riah gain the confidence she's always needed in her life. Being her knight in shining armor, she has opened her heart to him and his love. Everyone knows that with happiness soon comes drama. When someone comes along and takes Riah for ransom, everyone is lead to believe that Mason may be behind the kidnapping, after Mason holds Fizz hostage at gunpoint. "I'll see you in hell!" are Fizz's final words before the gun goes off and the smell of gun powder lingers the air, leaving one question needing an answer. Could it be that Fizz is dead? De'Kiya never thought she would fall for the very same guy that wanted her aunt dead. After paying off her aunt's debt and settling the score, Dozer makes his move on De'Kiya and finally has her right where he needs her. Will De'Kiya and Dozer be a match made in heaven or is this just a disaster waiting to happen? Worried about her brother, Nikki makes her way to Fizz's house, but fears that she just might be too late. When she arrives, will what she finds change her life forever or will she be happy that she made it in just the nick of time? Find out in the continuation of Fizz & Riah: Caught By A Boss Pt 2!