Invisible Hand of God


This book explores the link between science and spiritualism. It upholds that it is love which is common throughout the universe. It is love which holds us on earth (Not Gravity), it is love which holds the nucleus of atom together (not nuclear force) and if this Love can be tapped very smartly we can run our machines, aircrafts, spaceships just by sheer power of love. The book is divided into five sections critical view of science, path to self realization, behavioural sciences, esoteric sciences, spiritualism and religion. Each section in great innovative detail looks at the interlink age. After reading this book you should be critically able to appreciate science, understand the ancient techniques for self realization and understand the research and linkage between various behavioural and esoteric sciences and spiritualism. According to me the universe is infinite and began infinite years ago and will continue to exist for next infinite years, this is against the conventional big bang theory which says universe has a beginning, the universe has a single consciousness and one can at best connect to this consciousness and can never crack the intelligence of nature. How to connect to this single consciousness and attain self realization is explained in the book for further information please visit my website for a detailed view