100 Minds That Made the Market


Wall Street is an institution that some, especially today, seem to take for granted. It didn't appear one day from some biblical fairy tale. Instead, Wall Street exists as it does because of nearly two centuries of pioneering, innovation, perspiration, mistakes and scandals. Throughout Wall Street's evolution, survival of the fittest dictated which innovations would be incorporated and which mistakes would be corrected - and it was these improvements that made the market the wonderful institution so many now take for granted. But it was the individuals behind the improvements who drove the making of the market. This book presents 100 such people, each of whom contributed something - a lesson, an innovation, or a scam. Their minds made the innovations and their impact made the market what it is, so ultimately and simply, it was their minds that made the market - hence the book's title. Looking back on their lives in invaluable for anyone who never stopped to think how

UpplÀsare: Dennis Holland