A Birds Tail: Learn The Alphabet Audiobook. For ages 3 and Above


Children's Bedtime Reading for ages 4 and above. The short story of Tizzy and Wizzy. Tizzy and Wizzy are Oystercatchers. Tizzy and Wizzy are two baby oystercatcher twins who live on Sunside beach in the Highlands of Scotland. Today's a very windy day on Sunside beach. But the two chicks want to go outside and play. There's so many thing to explore, and see and do. Oh, how they wish the rain and blustery wind would go away? Come and see what happens to the twins... The book contains a full A to Z of birds pictures to help children to learn the alphabet. Children's picture book, Children's story, Birds, Scotland, Early reading, Early learners, Kid's book, Highlands, Oystercatchers. JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Birds JUVENILE FICTION / Activity Books