A Christian Marriage Guide: Preventing Arguments and Promoting Unity in the Christian Marriage


Whether you are newlyweds, been happily married awhile, or currently going through a rough patch in your marriage, the following statement is truly true. Arguments WILL happen.

Even the best of marriages WILL have arguments. Yes, even in your happy marriage you WILL have arguments.

I'm not wishing bad on your relationship. No person is perfect right? Which means no two 'persons' in a relationship are perfect.

What separates "good" marriages from "bad" marriages isn't the absence of arguments. It's how frequently, disrespectfully, or selfishly they happen.

Do you have the emotional intelligence needed to avoid arguing frequently? Or are you thinking that just loving each other, automatically means you and your spouse will communicate perfectly?

For over 20 years I have closely and obsessively watched spouses communicate in marriage. Many many failed due to lack of knowledge on the subject. I've also watched many succeed and observed why they succeeded.

What separates marriages that were happy marriages and got it right, from, the marriages that weren't sacred marriages, and got it wrong?

Communication skills.

Jesus made communication in marriage simple, with ONE verse.

Mark 10:8 NASB:" AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.

That's it.

When I give my workshops, have panel discussions, or counsel my clients they are absolutely amazed on how deeply Jesus' verse quickly and simply leads to less arguments. Let this book be one of your marital aids.

Our flesh typically thinks of what the "self" wants. Not what the two "selfs" that are now in a significant spiritual union wants.

Marriage was meant to be a earthly model, of a heavenly union.

We CANNOT approach a Christian marriage with worldly thoughts. And, let me say this clearly and respectfully. If it is not Jesus leading your marriage, by applying His truths to your marriage, then you are leading your marriage from an earthly perspective, not a Christian perspective.

Communication in marriage is complicated. But, who says it has to be difficult? Usually, your arguments could have been solved quickly, and easily, had you had marriage aids.

Marriage workshops are an aid.

A marriage counselor is an aid.

This book that you should really, prayerfully consider buying now is also an aid.

In this book you will learn to:

How to communicate Jesus's way

How to communicate fairly, and unselfishly

How to wisely avoid many arguments

How to create more unity in your marriage

How to peacefully navigate through heated arguments

How to understand and respect each other's differences

How to create more unity in your marriage


During my 20 years of research, I also took my observations into Spoken Word Poetry. Included in this book, are also poems biblical based that shares quick insights on what I have observed, poetically expressed. If you don't get this book, I encourage you to find some marital aids that can help you with communication in marriage. I have watched WAYY too many spouses fail, all because of a refusal to rely on anything other than their own emotional intelligence.

Pride, by far, ends more relationships than death does. </