A Dead Man's Pulse


PTSD threatens to destroy a Marine’s promising future at Trident Security
 POW First Sergeant Logan Reese is rescued in Afghanistan just hours before he meets the same fate as his murdered teammates. The aftermath of the mission gone wrong forces his retirement from the military much sooner than planned. He didn’t expect a civilian job offer that could give him a new purpose in life or to meet someone who could make him feel like a virile man again. Officer Dakota Swift has worked hard to prove she belongs with the big boys on Tampa PD, but it hasn’t been easy. A local serial killer gives her the opportunity to get her feet wet in undercover work—as bait. But when she’s assigned to the joint task force between TPD, the FBI, and Trident Security, she doesn’t expect to be attracted to her handsome new partner, Logan. Until the identity of the “Kink Killer” is discovered, no woman in the alternative-lifestyle community is safe. With the body count rising, will he be caught before he claims his next victim? **The Trident Security Omega Team Series is a spinoff of the popular Trident Security series. Fans of Susan Stoker, Shayla Black, and Kennedy Layne will love the passionate romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters in this series.