A Jesuit Retreat with Rev. Howard Gray, S.J.


How would you like to join one of America's leading Jesuits in a retreat you can experience whenever and wherever you desire? These 12 presentations from internationally renowned, Rev. Howard Gray, S.J., are designed for prayer. The aim is to help individuals or groups enter into the experience of prayer as laid out in the classic, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. The Spiritual Exercises offer not a book to be read but a set of guidelines to discover the meaning of God in one's life. As you experience Rev. Gray's retreat, you will get to know God, Christ, and yourself better. Enjoy these talks at home, while driving, or with others. Explore these spiritual guidelines anew and reflect, along with Rev. Gray, on your relationship with God and others and your understanding of yourself. Ignatius talks frequently about the interior knowledge that should constitute the grace of the Exercises. This interior knowledge consists of an affective appropriation of the life and teaching of Jesus into your own personality so that you can live a life of more dedicated and effective discipleship. In that sense of committed discipleship, the Spiritual Exercises are a call to ongoing conversion, not simply from sin to ethical living, but to a conversion of basic attitudes and values that never cease developing. The Ignatian ideal is one of life-long commitment to making the gospel contemporary, a guideline for all ages. In the Ignatian process people walk through the revelation that founds Christian faith, guides its hope and inspires its love. In this retreat, you will undertake that pilgrimage. Throughout the stages of this journey you will be confronted with the personal meaning of creation; sin and forgiveness; the person and mission of Jesus; His Passion, Death, and Resurrection; and the challenge about what impact these have in one's own life. As you embark on this Ignatian pilgrimage, you will be led to a freedom that calls you to self-donation for a world that reflects the peace, justice, and love preached by Christ.

UpplÀsare: Howard Gray