A Wreck of Witches


Magic and mayhem and ghost dogs, oh my
 I’m the plus-size witch who just wants to putter around my magical-plant nursery in peace, but nooo. The universe is conspiring against me, I swear. The newbie witch down the street just went missing—five minutes before she was gonna give me a ride to our book club. Something magical is stalking through my mundane neighborhood, attacking my neighbors, and I’ve got everybody and their ghost dogs trying to “help” me out. Pssh, like I can’t handle things by myself. Oh, and my house—with a mischievous mind of its own—has decided this is the time to get up to more antics. Just gotta wrangle all this nonsense before the Unawares figure out magic’s real
 It’ll be easy-peasy, right?

UpplÀsare: Amy Hall