Adventure Books for Kids: 3 Super Cool Stories for Kids in 1


Three stories in one book. Story one: When the main character of this story, Gary, sees a prediction about a young hero, he is serious about discovering the truth and validity of the signed prophecy. He collects his things and sets forth on a long quest to seek answers. And even though the answers don’t come at first, the unfolding of coincidental events seem to work in his favor and provide him the opportunity to show his true character. Follow an epic, adventurous hero who finds his father and discovers that the reason for his fighting skills is important. Hear about skeletons, zombies, and a land divided in this great audiobook about a hero who has a quest. Story two: The teenagers are on a mission: They have to find life - other people who survived the zombie apocalypse. Strengthened by their weapons, the four friends go on a journey through the vast, empty landscape and find supplies in villages to help them cope with the hordes. They each have their favorite weapon, and some of them may like each other in a more romantic way. Hear about the great adventures of these young surviving heroes who withstand the zombies on the path to their destination. Story three: When Richard gets bored with his obligations and standard routines, he leaves the palace and goes on a little adventure. He meets a special person, fights a dark figure in his courts, and changes the law through his father forever. His status as a prince isn’t everything, and he discovers it quickly. But his brave character helps him overcome obstacles and defeat obscure enemies.

UpplÀsare: John H. Fehskens