Alexander the Great


This work is addressed to adults aged from 18 years and upwards, and especially to those interested in theatre, literature, philosophy and ancient Greek culture. This Thatrical Play is divided in three acts: FIRST ACT We witness the distress of Alexander the Great’s generals and the Persian generals, preceding the battle,the prayers they address to their Gods, for assistance,and also Alexander the Great’s grandeur, when in the battle of Issus, he captures Sisygambis, the mother of the Great king of Persia, Darius. SECOND ACT While the wars have ended, Hellenes are celebrating their victories Over the Persians. In one of these celebrations, Cleitus the general, in front of all, accuses Alexander the Great that he isn’t a God, but a human. Alexander the Great is enraged and assassinates him. Cleitus, now being dead, is transferred to a world reigned by a wise old man that demonstrates the error he committed in contradicting his King.Cleitus returns back to life and forgives Alexander the Great for killing him,But also asks him for forgiveness as well for his behavior. “Now I die, really with my will, Alexander my king” he says, bows, kisses the moribund Alexander the Great and dissipates in heavens. THIRD ACT Death of Alexander the Great. The generals and the officers go by him one by one and salute him for a last time, their beloved Alexander the King. Father Zeus appears in front of them. Blinding light covers the stage.