Anti-Bullying 101: A Quick Guide on How to End, Overcome, and Rise Above Bullying


There are so many books about bullying, but many of them do not cover how to rise above bullying while you are experiencing it or after it occurs. It covers exactly what we can do to rise above the experience of feeling pushed down. Society often forgets that the effects of bullying does not end once the school day ends or you put on your high school cap and gown, and have a diploma in your hand. For many people, their personalities and life tracks are shaped by what happened to them in school. How do you or someone you know rise above bullying? Catalano teaches you how to use your natural talents and your experiences to become your own game changer. Here's What You Will Learn Inside This Guide: Chapter 1: This is Our Story How my story started and the way it has impacted me; I will be tying in the concept of why my story matters and inspiring you, the reader, to look into why your story matters. Chapter 2: What is Bullying?!? This chapter will be to point out how bullying is simply bullying – it occurs in different ways and manners. All in all, bullying cannot be put in a box and we should not to do so; the last section of this chapter will be focusing on what kinds of experiences you may have/have had. Chapter 3: Game Changers A chapter about getting into the positive mindset using a “game changing” mentality (which includes translating the experiences into positive energy). Chapter 4: The School Bell Has Rung Analyzing and engaging in a discussion about the hardships that comes unique to the school environment. About the Expert: Christina Catalano is an anti-bullying advocate and a survivor of 13 years of bullying. Catalano is the Founder and CEO of RISE Anti-Bullying, a charity that counsels children who are or have been bullied as well as conducts research for school policy for safer environments; HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.