Attention Implies That There is No Centre: Brockwood Park and Gstaad 1975 - Dialogue 5


Attention implies that there is no centre - 22 June 1975

‱ Consciousness, because it is in constant movement, has never found an energy

which is not contradictory, which is not produced by desire and thought.

‱ Can thought ever see its own movement and the futility of its own movement? ‱ Attention implies that there is no centre.

‱ Is there a perception, a seeing outside the space which is part of consciousness? ‱ Therearetwohumanbeings,onegetsconditionedandtheotherdoesn’t.Why?

How has it happened the other doesn’t get conditioned?

‱ How does this perception which is beyond attention, beyond awareness,

beyond concentration come about?

‱ Thought is rather superficial, it’s merely a very small part of the operation of the


‱ Can consciousness be completely empty of its content? ‱ Order and disorder