Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars

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Joe Matson has recently moved to Riverside with his family. The wide-awake country boy, who loves baseball, joins the Riverside's local nine and gets the position he wanted — that of pitcher. When not on the diamond, Joe is assisting his father against the foes who are trying to steal Mr. Matson's machinery patents.

This is the first volume volume in the "Baseball Joe" series.

Howard Roger Garis (1873-1962) was an American author, who wrote many books for the Stratemeyer Syndicate under various pseudonyms. As Victor Appleton, he wrote about the enterprising Tom Swift; as Laura Lee Hope, he is generally credited with writing volumes 4–28 and 41 of the Bobbsey Twins; as Clarence Young, the Motor Boys series; as Lester Chadwick, the Baseball Joe series; and as Marion Davidson, a number of books including several featuring the Camp Fire Girls. He is also remembered for having created the character of the lovable old rabbit, Uncle Wiggily Longears.

UpplÀsare: Donald Cummings