Alex Duncan is just an ordinary 14 year old boy. His main worries are homework, girls, the school bully... ...and his sister Jenna, who has ovarian cancer, stage B. As his parents retreat into themselves, Alex is desperate to help. While he tries to find a way to make things better for his sister, life still goes on and everything he does just makes him feel more and more awkward and out of place. His search for meaning, or at least some comfort in all the chaos, takes him on a journey of friendship, love, and discovery. What Alex learns helps him to come to terms with not only his sister's mortality, but also how he and his family and friends can cope with the one big question: what lies Beyond? Georgia Springate’s debut novel, Beyond, is a funny and touchingly compelling coming-of-age story about love, loss and discovery. Read it and take an emotional journey through one boy’s quest to understand that most tricky of questions: what lies beyond?