Black Sister Glory: Powerful Nonfiction Series 2


BLURB FOR BLACK SISTER BOOK TWO If you enjoyed the mind-thrilling breathtaking and eye-opening wonders included in the ever-consuming and powerful “Black Sisters Glory Series One”, then series two is just about to leave you befuddled on and by how much excellence lies in it. To begin with, every word entailed in the book itself isn’t just written with the hopes of amassing readers. They are scripted specifically for you, the black sister, and in relation to and with everything that has to do with the black brother in unison. Carefully graded and informative research put in place makes this a page-turner, a consuming read, and an enlightening piece like one of its kind. While it builds off the magnificence of book one, it also stands alone as a blockbuster meant to wow readers and leaves them aching for more. Black sister book two stretches even further with real-life experiences, scenarios, and educative principles and philosophies bound to take the veil off of unethical practices and ideologies surrounding the black sister from the outside world. Hold on tightly to your seats and get your favorite reading spot cleaned and ready to entertain you through the period you consume this book's contents. Bear in mind it isn’t just a must-read, but a necessity to be valued, shared, and meant to tickle the fancy of any black sister or brother seeking the truth on the realities surrounding the black sister. At a relatively breakneck pace, charming allure, and unforgettable literature, in your hands, the Black Sister Book Two is bound to become like none other.

UpplÀsare: Ashleea Miller