Buddhist Scriptures


Buddhist Scriptures is a collection of excerpts from Buddhist scripture, selected by an expert in the field, Edward Joseph Thomas.The Dream of Queen MāyāThe Birth of GotamaThe Four SignsThe Great RenunciationThe Chain of CausationThe Beginning of Buddha's PreachingThe Ordination of YasaThe Ten CommandmentsThe Fire DiscourseThe Weaver's DaughterThe Questions of MālunkyāputtaThe Questions of UttiyaThe Questions of VacchagottaBirth-Story of the Blessings of the CommandmentsBirth-Story of King MahāsīlavaBirth-Story of the City with Four GatesThe Pig-Faced GhostThe Jewel Discourse. A SpellDhaniya The HerdsmanBuddha's Visit To ChundaThe Death of BuddhaThe Non-Existence of IndividualityNon-Individuality and Moral Responsibility