Bushcraft: How To Heal Oneself in the Wilderness


"A Guide to Heal Oneself in the Wilderness" is a unique book designed to be a helping hand for first-time, amateur, and experienced explorers involved in exploring different landscapes. The content has been designed to tackle various aspects that are important during traveling. The first few chapters focus on the wildlife of a region with animals and insects being discussed first. The shrubs and greenery are also part of a region’s wildlife, some poisons and some delicious, so we’ll be exploring that in the initial chapters. The book is also a guide on how to self-heal from unfortunate experiences and interactions with this wildlife and plant life. There are several procedures that can be conducted by an explorer on him/herself in order to sustain their life in the wild. An entire list has also been compiled that allows readers to efficiently pack for their next trip, depending on the region they will be visiting and the wildlife they will be exploring. The emotional aspect has also been covered in this book. A newer perspective on wildlife has been included, which explains how the wilderness can become a source of emotional and spiritual clarity. Some processes are discussed that allow explorers to convert nature's energy into positive energy that can impact their life. The optimism that exploring brings is very real and is waiting to be harnessed! Grab your copy today to learn to heal yourself, physically and spiritually during your bushcrafting adventures!

UpplÀsare: Mark Wheeler