Cake pops, Macarons & Co.: Our 100 top recipes presented in one cookbook


Trendy baking with a wow factor!

Biscuits and cookies are so yesterday! The new trend in cakes and biscuits are cake pops, macarons and whoopie pies, and they aren't just unbelievably delicious they're eye-catching and look amazing and irresistible too. In this beautiful eBook we show you how to make these delightful mini cakes on sticks, and crème-filled biscuits from France and America - it's child's play. Whether you're making them for your coffee morning, as an inbetween snack, for a child's birthday or as a thoughtful gift, our charming little confections will be a sensation whatever the occasion.

- Varied and versatile trendy, modern recipes

- Charming cake pops for every occasion, delicate macarons for an elegant bite, creamy, filled whoopies and clever biscuit recipes