Christian Pastors, Train the Local Church to Make Disciples of Jesus: How the mission, message, and man of the gospel transforms pastoral ministry and leadership.


What is the primary goal of being a pastor, the local church, or any Christian? How does that goal impact the world? Learn how the primary goal of pastoral ministry transforms and guides people to be disciples of Christ, forming communities of people and living on gospel-centered mission in real life. Discover the cohesive connection between making and training (equipping) Christians, revealing God's plan for all generations. Imagine local churches as people on mission to follow Christ in their real lives and lifestyles loving the world around them, including care of their pastors and international missionaries. Learn to follow the chief shepherd (pastor) into pastoral training and ministry to make and train disciples of the mission, message, and man of the gospel.

UpplÀsare: Mr. Nate Gunter