Cleansed By Water


Nothing is stronger than the power of a soulbond, even the end of the world.

Gabby Gellar is a fire elementalist with an attitude. She has been told so many times by her parents that she's worthless she no longer questions that truth. Pushed away by the only people she's ever loved, Gabby shuts everyone out. Friends, acquaintances, buddies, chums, and especially romantic relationships, are kept at arm's length, or further if she can help it. Gabby knows she could never be good enough to be anyone's girlfriend, much less someone's soulbonded. So why does the thought of a certain water elementalist have her out of bed well past midnight, pacing and cursing, trying to deny the part of her that's silently calling to him, reaching for his magic, thirsting for it like a dying man in the desert. Dammit!

To Liam Nash, life is merely a joke, something to laugh at and enjoy. An endless stream of amusements made even more amusing by the water magic he uses to manipulate the world around him. Liam never thought he'd actually have a soulbounded. He was content to be unattached, a flirt, a perpetual bachelor ... but that was before he met Gabby. Now, he was certain she was his soulbonded, as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the sun's rising is no longer a sure thing. With half of the royal elementalists imprisoned in the underworld, the earth's climate has been thrown into chaos. Temperatures are steadily dropping, volcanoes are spontaneously erupting, and earthquakes are becoming commonplace. If the light elementalists have any hope of rescuing the planet from the dark forces seeking to destroy it, the elemental academies will have to work together. That means an overeager water elementalist and a reluctant fire-wielder are about to be thrown together and asked to save the world. Could the bond between Liam and Gabby be the very thing needed to rally the forces of light to victory?